Sunday, March 30

White Space Exploration

The other week was my birthday and I had planned to indulge at Cavallo Point spa. Ahhh.  But when I realized my son, Finnegan, was off school for teacher conferences a day at the spa faded away.  Not wanting to spend all day at the playground, we both decided to do a White Space Exploration. That meant finding places that were simple, inspiring, and farm style. 

Our day started at nearby, organic Green Gulch Farm.

Then on the ferry to San Francisco Ferry Building for lunch.

Afterwards, we learned how to properly taste chocolate at TCHO chocolate tasting tour.

We finished off the day relaxing by a marina for dinner at Le Garage (no photos because we were too busy sipping wine and enjoying our food slowly just like the French!)
I hope these photos inspire you to do your own White Space Exploration.

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