Tuesday, January 13

Rainy Days Ahead?

With a break of sunshine over the last couple of days its hard to imagine winter weather ahead. In this week of dry weather we encourage sunny walks on the beach or a trip to Muir Woods. But what to do when those cloudy skies re-appear? Jump in the puddles, of course! Who said rainy weather has to keep you from the beach? We love to spend a rainy afternoon sipping coco at home, or when we are feeling adventurous, a walk with the dog on a sprinkling evening can be a warm and cozy outing with a pair of wellies. We urge you to take advantage of the warm breeze blowing for now, and when those sunny skies change for cloudy ones take advantage of an evening walk and the scent of freshly fallen rain.

Sunday, January 4

A little cheating never hurt anyone...

Starting 2009 with a treat sounds like the beginning of a happy new year. We love Ina Garten's Barefoot Contessa products, and want to share them with you and your family. While making a chocolate cake from scratch is a great way to bake, making Ina's simple Chocolate Ganache cake is so easy and delicious, you might dust off those baking pans more than once a year! Her sour cream coffee cake and a cup of coffee or tea is a great way to start your day. Come in and check out all of her deliciously and simple mixes, sauces and preserves. From our table to yours, happy eating in 2009!