Friday, February 13

Heartfelt Pledge for February

The night before Valentine's Day, and our window is full of heartfelt pledges from the community. Moms and children, friends and sisters, Dads and sons have all made some kind of small commitment this month to do something to giveback that can make a big impact. Maison Rêve is proud to help people make a pledge for this month of love. So far we've given away over a 60 word stones to help people remember their pledge. Please come in and help us give back to our community by making an individual commitment of charity. Here are some of our favourite pledges so far...

"I pledge... no more paper cups."
"I pledge to pick up trash at the beach."
"I pledge to donate my toys to charity."
"I pledge to plant a garden, and protect open space..."
"This month I will dedicate 10% minimum toward those in need of fresh water in Africa."
"Provide a monthly meal for Homeward Bound Residence."

What will you pledge?

Thursday, February 12

Welcome our new Inspirer, Delphine

Please welcome our new Inspirer, Delphine Matilda Ireland McGrane. With a shock of raven black hair and a pair of beautiful slate grey eyes, she arrived on February third at 7:48 am. Measuring in at 8lbs, 4oz and 21", she is the newest (and smallest) addition to our lives. 
We are so happy to welcome her into our family...our newest love!

Friday, February 6

February is for Heartfelt Pledges

We like to think of February as celebrating life and love. While Valentine's Day is a wonderful way to show loved ones how much you care, it can also be great to give back to your community. In the spirit of giving back, we encourage you to make a heartfelt pledge at Maison Reve. Come into the store and write your pledge on a heart to hang in the window with other pledges from the community. To help inspire you to fulfill your pledge, we will give you an inspiration stone designed by SF artist, Rae Dunn as a reminder of your pledge. This stone is our gift to you for your generosity in giving back.