Monday, November 4

30 Day White Space Gratitude Challenge

Take our Gratitude Challenge and bring more joy and peace in your life. 

5 Steps to Getting Started:
  • Morning Gratitude: Tie your morning gratitude session into something that you do everyday such as commuting to work (notice the sunrise, the crisp autumn weather and the leaves changing colors) or having a morning cup of coffee (enjoy the wonderful aroma of the warm coffee, the quiet before the day officially starts).
  • Gratitude Letter: Take a few minutes to sit down and write a letter to someone that has made a positive influence in your life. It can be a family member, a teacher, a doctor or even someone that works at the local market. It is a simple gesture that you are letting them know that they are appreciated. It can make someone’s day and yours too.
  • Gratitude Stroll: This can done anywhere at anytime as long as you are looking around and being aware of all of the things that you appreciate. You may notice the blue sky without a single cloud, the chirping of the finches that sit in the neighbor’s tree, or even the smell of freshly baked bread as you walk by the local bakery.
  • Gratitude as a Life Lesson: There is always a silver lining in every cloud and the way you choose to look at an event or experience can be life changing. When faced with a difficult situation, see if you can learn something from the experience, benefit from the experience or find something to be grateful for in the experience. Turn bad into good!
  • Sunset Gratitude: A great way to end your day may be to take a few minutes to reflect upon the good from the day. You can think of something or someone that made you smile, someone that inspired you or reflect upon the best part of the day.  
After 30 days, you should feel a positive shift in the way that you look at the people and the world around you.  Challenge yourself and start TODAY.

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