Monday, November 4

10 Day Countdown to Thanksgiving

With the holidays approaching, its time to White Space the kitchen so we have peace of mind while whipping up those amazing feasts! 

Our 10 Day Countdown to Thanksgiving is the perfect way to get this done.  Tackle only one area below every day and apply our 10 simple steps to create more White Space.
Day 1: Fridge and Freezer  
Day 2: Silverware Drawer
Day 3: Tupperware
Day 4: Pots and Pans
Day 5: Food Pantry
Day 6: Spice Cabinet
Day 7: Appliances
Day 8: Trash/Recycling
Day 9: Counters
Day 10: Any Remaining Area
10 Steps to White Spacing Your Kitchen:

  1. Remove all items from area
  2. Discard expired items
  3. Match items together (e.g. lids to pots) and discard or donate unmatched, unused or damaged items
  4. Wash shelves and drawers
  5. Designate certain areas for each category of food or cooking appliances
  6. Adjust height of shelves if needed (e.g: I lowered my drink shelf, so my kids could reach the milk)
  7. If you have children under 4, label each shelf with pictures
  8. Put items back on shelves (nest pots and pans)
  9. Place commonly used items in most accessible area
  10. Make sure when cleaning counter only to put items absolutely necessary. Be ruthless here as living in White Space is about keeping things peaceful on your eye and creating space that's more efficient to do the job.

I am starting today by cleaning out the fridge.  Join the countdown with me and feel energized every time you walk into your kitchen! 

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