Thursday, November 29

Urban Farmhouse Holiday Warmth

We just started decorating our home for the holidays. Opening boxes of our home made ornaments, table runners, grain sack stockings, and holiday napkins with the kids makes me feel like a kid again!  One of the things I do each year to bring some winter warmth to our living room and my children, Finnegan and Delphine's, bedrooms is add a red pillow or classic ivory throw.  So simple but always brings holiday cheer to the room.  Here are a few of my favorites that might work in your home. 
Bholu dharti wool pillow from New Zealand. 18 x 18 inch. $160

Cloud pillow from Argentina. Hand knit. 27 x 18 inch.  $265
French sack pillow. 24 x 2 inch. $285

Cloud pouf from Argentina. Hand kint by artisans. Was $585, now $385

Vintage French grain seed sack pillow. 21 x 21 inch. $185

Rouge et blanc stripe grain sack pillow. 18 x 18 inch. $180

Cozy cable knit pillow. 16 x 16 inch. $120

Grain seed sack pillow case.  Great table runner or tree skirt during holidays! $110
Corriedale wool stripe throw from Argentina. Hand woven.  $265

Classic corriedale wool throw in ivory from Argentina.  Hand woven.  $265
All pillows and poufs have removable covers for easy washing and the best quality down inserts. I like to keep the items we sell special so we only carry a limited number of each one.  Email us to purchase.

I hope you have as much fun as we are decorating your home for the holidays! Yasmine


A Day in May Design said...

Love the wool and cable knit pillows :).

Emily said...

Love all of these!