Monday, November 22

Boots, Raincoats and Friends

What an epic day of fleaing it was!  Despite the unseasonal storm that swept into Northern California, a line of dedicated Urban Farmhouse hunters (and huntresses) formed before the doors opened at our final Brocante of the season -- ready and armed with hunting prowess. 

Even without the aid of Mother Nature, we witnessed our biggest turnout ever! 

Our amazing team of Inspirers set up shelter from the pouring rains, with glowing votive candles -- looking so pretty and welcoming, as they happily sat in our favorite vintage Mason jars.

The treasures were endless:  from large antique French preserve jars, silver plated serving dishes, linen nightgowns, vintage rolling pins and photo albums....

To chicken cages and original cider bottles from Paris -- there was something special waiting for everyone.  Gifts for The Chef, The Entertainer, The Teacher, The Crafter, The Traveller, The Gardener, The Seedling, and of course, Fido too. 

And speaking of chicken cages, Anie and her daughter from Sweet Bug Farm, walked away with a perfect new home for the chickens on their farm.

Thank you so much for spending the day fleaing with me.  It was a day full of rummaging, laughing and dancing.  It was a day full of Boots, Raincoats and Friends.  Hope to see you, bright and early, rain or shine, at our next French Flea Market in February of 2011!

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poppies said...

Sorry I missed this one! I'll see you in February!