Sunday, November 7

Award Winning October Window

Take a look at the window that won first prize in the Mill Valley Film Festival window dressing competition! My team and I had so much fun creating it.

The idea was to imagine yourself watching an old French film in a barn in Provence.

We hung vintage film reels from the rafters to create drama and whimsy. $8-25 each

Vintage bistro chairs from Paris evoked theatre seating. $110 each
Collector edition Poppe bottles lined an old farm bench bringing back memories at the old soda shop.

Theatre stage lights were restored and illuminated the barn runway. We still have some left and they make perfect lighting by a sofa or bed. $950 each, 4 available

Wonderful antique cameras captured the moment. $85 each, 2 available

We found film reels at the flea market with fabulous movies that did the final trick to bring the window to life. $145, 1 available

As they say at The End of every French film -- Fin. So we hung these salvaged metal letters front and center of the show. And great news -- the Film Festival votes on the most inspiring store window in town. There was some steep competition especially with Chef Tyler Florence's wonderful Film Festival window. But luck of the draw, Maison Reve won Grand Prize!
Many items from this window are available for purchase. Call or email us for pricing, photos and sizes: 415.383.9700 We ship across the country.
Now, sit tight to see what we just created for our November Autumn window. I will post it later this week. It inspired me to start planning my Thankgiving dinner. Yasmine


WhiteWhispers2u said...

How fun! Looks fantastic~Cheers Kim

kathee said...

I have always loved your style Yasmine! Congrats on your winning window! Looks awesome! I especially love all the French bistro chairs. I do remember your photo shoot in the magazines also!! I hope you do alot of postings...I just became a new follower! Please come visit my blog when you get a chance...I love all things French also!! xokathee

Miss LK said...

Such lovely setup - congrats!

Your store has always been one of my favorite before I moved from San Francisco to Singapore.

Which French film did you have in mind? The Umbrellas of Cherbourg?

kate said...

Great window, Yasmine- so stylish!

Mike said...

I love how they used vintage film rolls as decoration.