Friday, December 18

Our Most Popular Gift this Year!

Our Holland flower vases are our most popular gift this season! Versital, unique and perfectly priced at $25 small, $36 large. Customers keep saying they make the "perfect" gift.

Fill with flowers for the Hostess.

Herbs for the Chef. Small size pictured above.Paint brushes for the Artiste. Or colored art pencils for the Kiddies. Large size pictured above.

Glasses are all attached and slide up the metal handle as a set for easy cleaning! Buy your vases quantities as they are imported from Holland, 415.383.9700


white flower design said...

I can certainly see why this is popular - It is fantastic & so versatile. I would love it as a gift! All the best, Lori

red ticking said...

these are darling... i think i will give you a ring to buy a couple... dying to come down w john for a long weekend..want to see the store! x pam