Tuesday, July 21

OOBA - The Power of the Flower!

Our new friends, Janet DiGiovanna and Danny Rubenstein, pictured here with Stan Williams, made a very generous donation of OOBA to "The Find" book signing party. OOBA is the world's first sparkling hibiscus beverage and is rich in the ancient healing power of hibiscus - a powerhouse of antioxidants. As guests nibbled on organic goodies from the local farmers market, they were treated to this delicious hibiscus drink.

Janet and Danny are the founders of dash - Advisors to Innovative Food and Beverage - they are strategists, business builders and entrepreneurs. Danny was one of the original partners of "Naked" Juice, the COO at Odwalla and together with Janet has advised many companies such as Whole Foods, Pom Wonderful and Tazo.

After meeting Stan and learning more about Housing Works Thrift Shops, dash Advisors made a large donation of OOBA for the next Housing Works benefit in NYC. Housing Works is the largest community-based AIDS service organization in the United States. Here at Maison Reve, we feel so blessed by the generosity of our new friends. Cheers to Janet, Danny and of course, Stan!

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The Elegant Thrifter said...

And it is so delicious! They are such lovely people, and I thank them very much as well.