Wednesday, June 3

May Brocante

Our second Maison Réve brocante or French flea market was a hit!  The last Saturday of every month we hold this unique sale in the garden behind the store. There are vintage treasures abound and great buys for every budget. Starting at 8am, people line up to be the first to discover a hidden special something. Be sure to visit us next month on Saturday, June 27th at 8 am.  For more images of the last brocante visit our flickr page. Merci!


Aroo Studio said...

Oooh, missed it! Will try to get to the next one for sure!

Donna said...

Oh how I wished I lived in CA! I wouldn't miss it! I love your stuff. You have such talent and I enjoy living in France through you guys! Someday I hope to make my way out west. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I love seeing the photos an sure wish I could be there to shop. I think the etsy shop is a Brilliant idea Yasmine & hope you will keep adding treasures.

Cristin said...

Darn - I missed it. I am now a follower, so hope to catch your next one.


徵信社 said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.