Wednesday, September 24

Fall Harvest and Family Time

Urban Farmhouse living is about enjoying life, slowing your pace to relish moments with family and friends. As the end of summer fades and we are ushered into cool Autumn nights, we think of the things that bring family together... a game after dinner, a walk to the park, and of course food. Eating together can be a simple way to spend time with one another. We all know dinner can sometimes be a rush to feed the family after a day of work, school and soccer practice, but often this the only time the whole family has a moment together before another busy day, why not make it special? We also think of extended family, of community, and hope that we will take a moment to do something to honor the people we love and cherish the time we have together.

Need an idea to make dinner extra special? Check out this recipe we love for an heirloom tomato tart. Visit a local open air market to purchase seasonal produce. A trip to the Farmer's market can be a nice way to bring children into event of cooking a meal, and a chance to taste local produce. Sharing a meal can be an extra special treat!

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