Tuesday, April 1

Going Behind the Scenes at Edible Photo Shoot

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My kids, Finnegan and Delphine, recently did a fun photo shoot at the house for an article I wrote in Edible magazine called A Cup of White Space (read the Digital Article or the complete version of Edible Spring 2014 Issue).  Finn said he hopes parents share the story with their kids so they too can fall in love with cooking like he has!  For the photo shoot, we made my mother's signature dish: shrimp curry vol-au-vents.  For dessert, a simple farm style berry galette.  I got this delicious pie recipe from my stylish friend Eve who makes it when friends come over for dinner.  Recipes will be posted next week on the blog.  Meanwhile, enjoy these pictures from the amazing photographer Clay McLachlan to get you inspired to cook with your kids. Bon Appétit!

Noticing the Beauty of Bread
Whenever life feels overwhelming try refocusing your mind away from the To Do lists and noticing something extremely simple.  Could be a child laughing.  Bird flying. Or for me, it was a loaf of fresh baked bread.  My friend and the talented photographer who took the pictures above, Clay McLachlan, is all into Einkorn wheat – which he says will soon revolutionize the bread world. He discovered it while photographing a cookbook with Jovial, the farmers that harvest this ancient grain in Italy.  Last week he dropped off a warm loaf he had just baked. I had to stop myself from spreading butter and jam on it to take these photos. Just by noticing how beautiful the bread was helped me live the rest of my day in the moment.  Thanks Clay!
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Beautiful post! Everything looks scrumptious and so colorful. Thanks for the inspiration!